Risk visualization

This may mean the end of the risk register as we know it. Can we innovate our way out of the boring black on white risk register and make is more interesting and inviting?

Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit

I have to agree with the author of Are we witnessing the demise of the risk register (and the rise of risk visualisation)?

He says, “I loathe risk registers”.

So do, but for different reasons.

He loathes them because “they are boring, one dimensional and poorly prioritised lists that lack context and often serve to satisfy a requirement rather than a purpose”.

Now that’s true.

But I loathe them because they are risk-centric and not objective-centric. They don’t help understand the likelihood of success: the achievement of objectives, the satisfactory completion of projects, and so on.

I do agree with him that staid reports can be replaced with far more interesting and useful visualizations.

I don’t know whether they still do this, but executives at SAP used to have a great visual depiction of the current level of performance and the status of risks on each of the revenue opportunities…

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