What is the difference between Multicast and Broadcast?

I recently had an interesting engagement with a group of CISA students over the difference between multicast and broadcast. There is a sample CISA question which most students get it wrong. Here is a how the question goes.


This type of data transmission is often used to transmit video signals across the network.

A. Unicasting
B. Broadcasting
C. Multicasting
D. Pinging


Note the key word here “often used“. This means you would find it often in relation to the rest.


The picture below could guide you in responding to this question:

01. Ransom Unicast and Multicast

Do you think you can attempt the answer? Find out what others had to say here ==> https://chat.whatsapp.com/3zeQFccIdsO7B9mMcdryuL


All the best in your CISA Exam





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